Firewalls enable


Firewalls are the intersection points where remote offices and mobile and home users get secure access to your systems. They allow you to extend your security out to these remote and mobile locations.


Think beyond the firewall’s traditional role as a blocking mechanism to keep out the bad guys – firewalls are essential in providing remote and mobile workers with reliable secure access to organisational resources from multiple locations and as such are key drivers to increased productivity and competitive advantage.


Firewall management


We provide full managed firewall and virtual private network management services to organisations large and small including multinationals with dozens of worldwide locations. The scope of our service encompass:


  • working with clients to design rules and networks to fit specific business requirements.
  • installation, configuration and testing of firewalls.
  • on-going firewall management and re-configuration in line with changing business needs.
  • regular intrusion testing.


Application Firewalls


Sometimes, to enable your business, you allow traffic on web ports 80 and 443, as well as application specific ports. By allowing all traffic the opportunity

to flow over these ports, users with malicious intent have the ability to take advantage of vulnerabilities at the application level. You cannot deny what you must permit. How do you resolve the conflict of providing access without making yourself susceptible to attack?


To protect against these application vulnerabilities we can provide a full layer 7 implementation tailored very specifically to your business requirements.


Firewall Partners


We partner with two industry leading firewall manufacturers, Checkpoint and Watchguard. We support numerous large multi-site networks built on these two vendors products.