Remote access is a key enabler for higher employee productivity, increased responsiveness to customers and flexible working.  Employees want access from smartphones, tablets, home, hotels, customer sites, cafes and just about anywhere.



Challenges and Benefits

There is no doubt that ubiquitous remote access can offer multiple benefits like faster response times, increased productivity and lower costs. However remote access brings obvious security risks and the proliferation of different devices presents a major challenge in making access not only as secure as possible, but also streamlined enough for users to operate with a minimum of frustration.


We design and implement secure custom solutions, allowing access to emails, corporate file systems, intranets and other resources. We offer:


  • Simple, streamlined access from any web browser on any device using secure SSL encryption
  • No software install, so there is no restriction in hotels, cafes, client sites or from different devices
  • Granular access to email, files and other resources
  • Uploads and downloads checked for viruses and malware
  • Sign on using AD and LDAP integration
  • Smartphones theft strategy – remote wiping, locking


Talk to us about how a secure access solution tailored to your requirements could deliver real competitive advantage without greatly increasing complexity or adding to risk.


Remote Support