What is driving the need for Email Archiving?



Regulatory compliance

Businesses are increasingly obliged to preserve and make searchable all email to, from and within the organisation.



Value of Information

As organisations increasing rely on electronic information systems this information becomes more valuable.

Increasingly agreements are made via email without the traditional paper trail.



Litigation and legal discovery

Cases range from the commercial to criminal, unfair dismissal, Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act requests.



Backup and Disaster recovery

Increasing expensive, complex and time consuming without an archiving solution.




We offer solutions that will automatically store and index every email within an organisation for easy search and retrieval by users and third party auditors. Advantages include:


  • Improved email server performance by offloading email, attachments, contacts, calendar and task history
  • Alerting on email that violates policy, for example foul language, credit card details
  • Simple but powerful search and retrieve
  • Re-delivery to inbox if required
  • Role based access and management
  • Tamper proof storage
  • Regulatory and legal compliance
  • PST imports to consolidate archives
  • Exchange email stubbing
  • Smartphone app access