Rapid deployment of new applications is key to gaining competitive advantage.


The implementation of new software can be an organisational nightmare. Often IT support departments are too busy fire-fighting issues with PC or legacy applications and don’t have available resources.


A revolutionary solution is to bypass the internal roadblocks and have a dedicated external team host the new application outside the organisation but with secure access for employees.


There is another compelling reason driving the hosting revolution.  Applications are no longer office-centric - employees need access on the road, at home, as well as in the office. Often too, employees want to use their own PCs and mobile devices and in the absence of a comprehensive organisational security policy it is safer to host such applications externally with tailored security.


Hosting can also facilitate rapid prototyping and configuring of new applications while the internal organisation has the breathing space to prepare for eventual internal deployment.


Capital Cost

Capital outlay is one of the major roadblocks in getting the go-ahead for new applications.  External hosting can remove the need for up-front capital. Known fixed monthly costs are easier to budget for than great lumps of capital.



External hosting comes with levels of reliability, resilience and bandwidth rarely available in internal deployments.


Tier 3 data-centres offer guaranteed multi-source power, stunning bandwidth via multiple providers, advanced fire-suppression and environmental control and 24 x 365 manned security.


Layer over this physical security things like automated server failover using server imaging and virtualisation technology, load balanced clustered servers and levels of up-time and resilience are achieved that are way beyond that traditionally seen in internal deployments.